Tips for reducing the dose of dexamethasone in glioblastoma



1. Decrease fluid intake from 19:00 h.

2. Do not drink water outside of meals. Water promotes cerebral edema and the need for dexamethasone.

3. Out of meals drink isotonic drinks. It improves hydration and do not increase brain edema.

4. Drink water only during meals. This makes water isotonic.

5. Avoid alcohol. It promotes angiogenesis and is a vasodilator. Increases brain edema.

6. Take dexamethasone in a single dose at 6 a.m. (except when given EV). It's just as effective. The effect of dexamethasone lasts 36-54 h. This respects the circadian rhythm of cortisol. It helps to sleep better.

7. The following natural products help to decrease brain edema:




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