Alteraciones genéticas frecuentes del glioblastoma

EPHA3: Regulation of adhesive and repulsive mechanisms including cellmotility and adhesion

EGFR: Regulation of processes involved in cell growth, division and survival

MGMT: Prevention of mismatch errors

CDKN2A: Regulation of cell cycle and retinoblastoma activation

PTEN: Regulation of cell signalling. lnvolved in cell proliferation and survival

PIK3CA: Regulation of processes involvedin cell growth, division and survival

PDGFRA: Regulation of processes involvedin cell growth, division and survival

IDH1: Production of NADPH

MDM2: Regulation of p53 activity

MET: Regulation of proliferaiton, survival and motility

SF/HGF: Activating ligand for HGFR/c-MET. Tumour growth and angiogenesis

VEGF: Promotion of angiogenesis


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