Última actualización  de glioblastoma el 29 de Marzo de 2020

Málaga, España (Spain)

 Individualized comprehensive treatment depending on the molecular and genetic type of glioblastoma


  • Comprehensive medical and surgical treatment for each type of glioblastoma. Rapid diagnosis and treatment is crucial to improving survival. We perform the molecular and genetic study of the tumor to individualize the most effective treatment. The combined strategy based on current standard treatment with surgery and chemotherapy alongside multiple pathways used by the tumor for growth and invasion, including stem cells and initiating cells offer the best results. We use the best performing treatments in clinical trials that have doubled the overall survival time.

  • Treatment adapted to the molecular biology of glioblastoma depending on MGMTp methylation

  • Strategic combination of drugs targeting glioblastoma stem cells during during chemoradiation.

  • Targeting the Akt/mTOR signaling pathway to slow stem cell proliferation.

  • Selection and adequacy of caloric restriction diet at different times of chemoradiation.

  • Individualized antiepileptic treatment with clasic drugs and ketogenic diet.

  • Treatment to slow tumor growth and decrease brain edema.

  • Treatment to prevent the side effects of radiation therapy.

  • Treatment to combat tiredness.

  • Treatment in the terminal phase. Symptom control and medication adaptation.